Crying baby calms.

August 28, 2015
  • On one of my memorable visits to see our new grandchild we arrived to hear our precious little one upset and crying.  Our daughter said, she is very tired so I’m going to take her for a drive.  She always falls asleep when we are in the car.  As our daughter got herself ready, I held Hannah and slowly rocked her, I took several slow deep breaths and began humming to her.  After a few minutes I began to feel her little body begin to relax and settle.  Her eyes began to close, and then open a few seconds later. However the more she relaxed the heavier her eyes became.  I could feel her little body softening into mine.  By the time our daughter was ready to put her in the car, she found her precious baby sleeping peacefully in my arms. 

    As I felt calm, Hannah was able to relax herself.  I shared this story with a group of young moms and they all agreed that when they are calm, their babies and young children seen to be much calmer too.

    As parents practice taking a slow, deep breath to stay calm, with their baby and young children they will be prepared to use this skill during stressful times. It’s a skill that will benefit them for the rest of their life.  This powerful skill will allow them to self-regulate their own emotions, rather than being controlled by others.

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Babies are love stimulators!