Fun with trains!

September 02, 2015

When our grandson was eighteen months old, we visited a local village museum.  We turned a corner and discovered a miniature railroad display that filled the room.  The shiny passenger and freight trains were moving around the display.  I noticed the joy and delight as our grandson’s eyes brightened as he watched the trains come around the bend. “Toot, toot,” I said as we watched the trains coming closer and closer to where we were standing. Within seconds, his soft little voice said, “Toot, toot — toot, toot.” as he watched intently. It felt so wonderful to be part of this learning experience with him.  After that moment whenever he sees a train of any shape or size, he now says, “Toot, toot.” which touches the heart of all who are within hearing range.

As a parent and grandparent our influence is incredible.  Being aware of this, I consistently ask myself, what am I modelling and teaching?   However, the second more subtle question is, how would I feel having this behavior modelled back to me?

Children copy everything we say and do!

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