• Lynne Cox

  • Lynne Cox, Parent Educator & Author

    Lynne shares her gifts and talents with lots of enthusiasm as she encourages everyone to appreciate their positive qualities. The stronger each person feels within themselves the more inspired they can become to open to their unlimited potential. Lynne has been a parent and parent educator for over 35 years. Fifteen years co-creating parenting programs at Non-Profit agencies, Port Coquitlam Family Studies and Maple Ridge Family Education Centre. Then twenty years in private practice.

    Lynne passionately shares what she has learned with parents, teachers and children. The Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Storybook, Audiobook with music and the Lesson Plans are a fulfilment of a dream for Lynne. The playful stories and activities bring joy to the hearts of babies, children and adults while inspiring them to recognize their precious, lovable nature.

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