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    Day Care Teachers

    “As for the daycare, I put the Shining Light Audiobook with music on when it is quiet time in my daycare. This time of the day is not only important for the children but for me too, as I have to have my cup of tea and sit down in the afternoon or else I burn out. Until I started using the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook I would nearly always have one of the children want something and I would have to get up. Now I put on the Audiobook and they relax and listen to it and it calms them down and they are rejuvenated when quiet time is over. I love the words, they are very meaningful and I think as we use it more they will get so much more out of it.” Julie, Family Daycare Owner

    Preschool Teachers

    “It would be wonderful to see this Audiobook with music in every home.” Jennifer Durkin, ECEBC – Early Childhood Education of B.C. Preschool Teacher

    K-1 Teachers

    It is my honor to have been asked to write an introduction for Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light as it is a unique work that will take children on a journey of self-discovery. The Storybook and Audiobook is about bringing children to an understanding that they are special and to teach them to love all the wonderful qualities that they hold within themselves.

    As an educator with over fifteen years of experience, I was very excited to be the first to teach the lessons to my kindergarten students. This book is a blessing for everyone who work with children for at the heart of every lesson is the learning of love, acceptance and for children to believe in themselves. The more I use these activities in my classroom, the more I realize what a powerful book this is in a classroom environment. Children are taught various ways to focus on positive emotions such as happiness, joy and creativity. I have seen the children become more confident and it is music to my ears when I hear a child quietly say to themselves “I am creative” while working. The activities have also promoted a strong sense of friendship and community in my classroom. It warms my heart to see children encouraging and helping one another every day. I love their excitement as they eagerly think up different ways to share their talents and be kind to others within our community. Through the activities in this book, the children learn that we are all interconnected with one another, including nature. I have enjoyed seeing the wonder and curiosity of the children as we go outdoors to explore, observe and appreciate the beauty of nature. However, the greatest gift of all has been seeing the sparkle in a child’s eyes as they say “I am the light that shines so bright!”

    Thank you, Lynne, for creating such a wonderful resource that inspires me daily as I work with the children. The lives of many children and adults will be touched in such a positive way by all who read this book and participate in the activities. Imagine how wonderful it would be if every child grew up knowing they are special and beautiful. What a wonderful world this would be! I am so proud to have been included on this magical journey.

    From one shining light to another, may the beauty of this work spread so that everyone has an understanding that light and love reside in the heart of one and all.” Shalini Mehra, Kindergarten Teacher, Coquitlam School District

    “Children often said in a compassionate, caring way “It’s OK, we will breathe with you.” Shalini Mehra, Kindergarten Teacher, Coquitlam School District

    “The report cards are easier to do. Using the social and emotional learning matrix, the learning objectives, activities and learning summaries, the report card comments come from all the activities and the practice.” Shalini Mehra, Kindergarten Teacher, Coquitlam School District


    “Children have always needed adult mentors and friends to help them grow into well adjusted and responsible adults. In recent years, the media and behavioural healthcare community’s attention has been drawn to the alarming numbers of emotionally disturbed children and adolescents. Professionals have inquired into this trend through research, consultation groups, and formal training. One factor that has been determined to be involved in governing overall health and well being is that of emotional intelligence. Another factor that has been researched and published as contributing greatly in serious emotional disturbance amongst children and adolescents is a serious lack of affirmation for any part of the child’s being.

    The time has come for parents, educators, and all adults who are in relationship to children to be much more proactive in helping these wonderful little beings to listen to and affirm their innate wisdom, creativity and inner resourcefulness. Lynne Cox is a mentor who has heard the call to help children. She has developed a beautiful Storybook and Audiobook with music that guides very young children on a magical exploration of their inner worlds using visualization, stories, and exercises to affirm and support a growing appreciation of Self. The words are set to soft, comforting music that invites all who listen to relax into a peaceful state of mind. Lynne’s soft and gentle voice leads young children on an inner journey of exploration while they learn how to breathe, comfort themselves, dissolve stress and appreciate their own unique qualities.

    The Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Lesson Plans are designed to help educators and parents work together as they practice the exercises and creative visualizations presented in Lynne’s stories. Teachers are able to take children through songs, art, and activities that affirm qualities of patience, positive self-regard and sharing. Adults can support and affirm children’s dreams, wishes, emotions and individual experiences while teaching the activities outlined in each of the lesson plans. Positive relationship experiences grow between adults and children, and children with themselves, providing them with roots of nurturing and validation to promote a foundation of emotional intelligence and good feelings about Self.

    Lynne’s offering to young children and adults who are in relationship with them is timely and needed in this society. The Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Storybook, Audiobook and Lesson Plans for Parents and Teachers helps to promote the very qualities and positive self-regard that inoculates children against stress. We know that children who grow up experiencing validation and skills to self-soothe are better prepared to negotiate life’s rocky moments; and they are much more likely to avoid drugs and other ways of becoming side tracked on their way to adulthood.” Karen Cooper, M.S., Licensed Counsellor

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