• Social & Emotional Learning

  • Social & Emotional Learning

    The Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Book, CD and Lesson Plans promote social and emotional learning skills. These early childhood education concepts can be taught to children during their initial learning years from three to age six.

    Each activity builds upon a “Story Theme” to help children strengthen their relationship with themselves and others.

    The Social and Emotional Learning Matrix, (see image) a component of the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Lesson Plans, offers all users a quick reference to view all the social and emotional learning concepts contained in each of the 101 activities.

    The following descriptions offer an overview of the five social and emotional skills presented within this program.

  • Program Descriptions

    • Self-awareness

      Children who are encouraged to be self-aware recognize their personal value, strengths and abilities. As children are kind, caring and loving with themselves these feelings are then reflected in their positive interactions with others. Children that are self-aware grow up feeling connected, accepted and self-confident.

    • Self-management

      Children that self-manage their behavior recognize and acknowledge their thoughts and feelings. As children are encouraged to calm and relax themselves they think more clearly and make better choices. As children consider their choices they will become more patient with themselves and create positive strategies that help them to feel good about themselves and their relationships with others.

    • Motivation

      Children who are motivated recognize the goals they have already achieved, believe in their abilities to accomplish new goals, and independently approach new learning situations from an optimistic perspective.

    • Social Awareness

      Socially aware children recognize they belong and are valued members of their family and classroom. This awareness expands as they learn to respect nature and their environment. As children listen to understand others’ thoughts and feelings they experience empathy, respect and support for one another. As they are encouraged to display kind and caring attitudes towards each other they will appreciate one another’s similarities and differences. This acceptance will encourage children to actively participate and confidently contribute their opinions.

    • Responsibility

      Children are encouraged to recognize that their thoughts and feelings create their behavior. As children recognize their creative ability and that they can create happy moments, these experiences will lead them to take responsibility for their behavior. Responsibility and respect for one another helps to develop the personal skills that will allow children to work cooperatively as a team. As children respect their environment their willingness to clean-up their personal and community space will be a benefit.

    • Caysee Rose has had the Beaming Bright, You’re a
      Shining Light storybook and CD since she was a baby.
      She is now a toddler and when we say it is time for
      reading, she grabs this book and opens it up. Her
      eyes go big as we read the stories to her.

      Aunt Leslie
    • With a baby and a three year old son, I sit down in the
      evenings and we all listen to the Beaming Bright, You’re
      a Shining Light CD. It really works for us.
      My whole body relaxes!

    • Kaija, my four year old, has been more cooperative with
      her two year old sister since the Beaming Bright, You’re
      a Shining Light CD has come into our home.

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