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  • Here is what children and parents are saying:

    Children 2 & 3 years

    “I love the Breathing Free Story.” Kelsey

    “Look Mom, I can breathe in and I can breathe out.” Curtis

    Children 4 - 10 years

    “I love this Audiobook, it is so great! It is so wonderful! I can’t wait to go to sleep. Can we listen to it again?” Leslie & Taylor

    “The Storybook and Audiobook makes me happy inside. I like the pictures. The kids are having fun. The kids are dreaming about love and all of that. I love myself more. The light inside of me is magical. It makes sense to me. Once when I was little, I wanted to ride my bike. I was afraid to ride. I got confidence in myself because I dreamed about it. I thought about riding my bike a lot and I wanted it to happen. I now ride my bike everywhere. I was four when I got the Storybook and Audiobook. I am eight years old now.” Paige

    “The Storybook is amazing! Just looking at it makes me feel happy. It touches my heart and makes me feel warm inside.” Rebecca

    “The Storybook cheers me up and helps me feel calm. It is very sweet and I feel loving when I read it. I also like that it helps me use my imagination more!” Abigail

    Parent to be
    Prenatal parents
    Parents with babies & toddlers

    “Caysee Rose is a 1 1/2 year old, she has had the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Storybook since she was a baby. She feels good packing it around. When we say it’s time for reading, she grabs her book, opens it up and sits quietly. We engage with her and encourage her. Her eyes go bright as we read it to her. She loves the big eyes of all the characters. She even recognizes when we leave out something. We love that the book helps her have a structured reading time and that she is learning the concept of reading so early in her life.” Leslie

    “With a baby and three year old son the evenings are the worst pressure point of the day. By the time we have back to back baths and I get the kids ready for bed I feel so stressed out. I now sit down, relax and nurse the baby so we can all listen to the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook with music together. It really works for us. My whole body relaxes! It is perfect for us.” Tara

    “My two year old child has been getting up in the middle of the night and wanting to play. I have put the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook with music on for her and it has calmed her down and put her back to sleep.” Julie

    “I first bought the Audiobook when my grandchildren, who are twins, were babies. They listened to the stories and music before sleep time and it really calmed them down.” Marcia

    Parents with three year old children

    “My son Travis recognizes the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook with music whenever I turn it on and looks forward to the stories. Travis, the baby and I listen to it together. Yesterday Travis started to say some of the words after hearing it only a few times. I take it into the van with me so the children can calm and I can concentrate on my driving. Travis likes it.” Tara

    “Most evenings I read Laurence, age three, a bedtime story and sometimes he’s still fooling around and not sleeping. He resists going to sleep. Then, I put on the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook with music and it calms him down. We listen to it every night. Laurence frequently repeats the positive words on the Audiobook. He starts talking quiet – more soothing to me in a tiny little quiet voice. He really likes the Shining Star story.” Kelly

    Parents with four year old children

    “Kaija, my four year old, has been a lot better with her two and a half year old sister since we have been using the program. After only a few times listening, my child is already remembering many of the stories by heart.” Angela

    “Hannah is absolutely thrilled with the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook with music. Especially the Sand Castle Dreams Story, Hannah puts on her dancing clothes as soon as I put on the Audiobook.” Claire

    “Amarea really liked the Storybook and Audiobook with music as soon as she got it. She listens to the Audiobook every night. It really relaxes her. When she wakes up in the middle of the night, she just puts on the Audiobook and falls back to sleep. She really likes the music. She pretended she could read as she listened to the words on the Audiobook and followed along with the words in the Storybook. She already knows what she wants to be when she grows up. At this time, her dream is to be a veterinarian.” Joyce

    “I put the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook with music on for my boys who are four and five years old. Their two friends who are three and six were visiting and I noticed as a group they were calm and played more cooperatively when the Audiobook with music was playing in the background.” Carolyn

    “My son listens to the Audiobook with music after preschool and during his bath. He loves it!” Sasha

    Parents with five year old children

    “Brendan, five, was having a temper tantrum. He seemed frustrated because he couldn’t figure out the toy he was playing with. I had the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook on at the time. I felt calm and went over to Brendan, I took him by the hand and softly asked if he wanted to come and sit with me on the couch. We sat down on the couch together. I talked with him quietly. He got up when he was ready and carried on playing.” Carrie

    Parents with six year old children

    “My six year old child is very active and it was a challenge to get her to sit down and listen to what I say. The Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook with music is a signal for calm, a transition time for both of us. We tend to argue less and don’t get disappointed as much. We haven’t been into sparks compared to six months or even two months ago. We are speaking with much more kindness to each other.” Leslie

    “Erika simply “loves” the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook with music. She has listened to it so often that she knows every story and can recite almost every line as she plays the music. She is just learning to write and I have seen her write out the words and then read them back to herself. This is an excellent way for her to enhance her writing skills and experience positive messages as she reads and then writes the stories. Erika is a very creative child and has an active imagination. She imagines and plays “pretend”. She’ll put on a show and she says, “I want to be a ballet dancer” and she’ll start dancing around the room reciting the words of the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light stories. She is enjoying herself very much. I see this as a positive way for her to have fun and build confidence in herself.” Leslie

    “As I played the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook with music for the first time, I watched my daughters transform into a calm, gentle and loving mood. They laid still and watched imaginary figures in the sky. I watched my daughters imagining they were playing the violin, hugging themselves, touching the sky, dancing with butterflies that were hip pity hopping around. They said, “I love this Audiobook! It is so great! Can we listen to it again?” Beverly

    Parents with seven year old children

    “One day my seven year old son was extremely agitated, shaking and incapable of calming down. I put on the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook with music and we listened to it for a while. At first he didn’t want to, but after a few of the stories, he softened up and cuddled up into my arms. He was now relaxed and capable of talking about his upsetting situation. It was fantastic!” Joanne

    Parents with eight year old children
    Parents with nine year old children

    “I thought the Shining Light Audiobook with music might be too young for my nine year old daughter when I first listened to it. However, this is not true! It is exactly what she needed. In fact, my twelve year old son who is a real cool grade seven student listens to the Audiobook when he finds he cannot sleep.

    The Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook has significantly reduced the time before our nine year old falls asleep. It is minutes opposed to hours! She is a very imaginative girl who thinks of things lurking in the dark. The Audiobook has allowed her to relax and let go of her fears and give into the night while slipping beautifully into sleep. She is now able to settle her thoughts of anxiety and replace them with calm, loving thoughts. It has been a marvel to see the soothing, calming and positive impact the Audiobook has had on her life. She has already memorized the words and it is comforting for her to say them. As my husband and I listen to the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook with our daughter, it relaxes us and sets a wonderful tone for the rest of our evening.” Donna

    The child within us all

    “I listen to the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook with music all the time. It’s awesome! I love it! I even play it when I am outside gardening. Maybe the neighbours will hear it. I love the positive words and feelings. I go to bed right after I listen to it. It brings tears to my eyes. I get so tearful and sometimes I go to bed feeling like a little girl inside. A lot is happening in my life and in my new situation and it’s going to be OK, I say to myself, I love myself – even when I don’t believe it. I really like the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light Audiobook. I’ll keep it for years to come.” Karen

    “The Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light helps us get back to the basics. The happiness of just being with our little ones, learning like them, seeing like them, feeling like them and never letting us forget the time when we first held them in our arms. That excitement sometimes fades away as we get caught up in our “busy” world, but the Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light stories take us to the next level, witnessing the joy and excitement of giving knowledge to our kids first hand, and leaving imprints on them that they will carry into the future.” Leslie

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