• Storybook FAQ

  • What inspired you to create the storybook “Beaming Bright, You’re a Shining Light?”

    As a parent, grandparent and parent educator for over 30 years, I wanted to share what I have learned in a fun, easy way. We often hear parents say, “Where’s the Owners Manuel?” The Storybook, Audiobook with music and Lesson Plans offer fun, easy ways to play with children while creating a positive relationship with your little ones. It’s a win/win for everyone.

    Is there a benefit to reading the stories to babies in the womb?

    Yes, even babies even in the womb feel and hear what Mom feels and hears. When Dad was rushing to an ultrasound appointment, he came in just after the monitors had been hooked up. As soon as he walked into the room and spoke, Samuel’s heart monitor increased significantly. He recognized Dad’s voice immediately. Mom was 20 weeks pregnant at that time.

    As mom’s feel calm and relaxed and listen to the Audiobook with music or read the stories to her baby in the womb, baby in the womb will feel calm and relaxed also.

    Are these stories to old for my baby?

    Definitely not! One thing we have learned about babies is that they listen. In fact, they are like sponges listening to everything we are saying. By the time they are two years old, they often know us better than we know ourselves. They have accomplished this without speaking a lot of words. We have been so busy running around looking after them while they have been observing and learning our language and absolutely everything about us. Language exposure in very early life enhances a child’s verbal skills later on.

    Babies and young children listen and learn language by hearing it. As babies and children mature, they grow into the stories. They play with the visualizations and as they mature, the stories they have heard and enjoyed begin to reveal new ideas and learning for them.

    Why are the words of the stories written in rhyme?

    The words are written in rhyme to help children easily remember what they are hearing. This is similar to singing the alphabet rather than learning it letter by letter. The words are spoken slowly to help children to hear the words clearly as they learn the loving language blended into every verse.

    What is different about these stories?

    These stories are different because they teach social and emotional skills. Young children have always been encouraged to learn their letters and numbers to get them ready for school. However, science is now proving that teaching children social and emotional skills helps them become happier and smarter in all their life endeavours.

    Babies and young children learn how to calm and relax themselves, love and appreciate themselves and others and believe in their wishes and dreams.

    How do the stories help children with their emotions?

    Children learn through repetition. The more children listen to the simple self-awareness stories, the more they learn about themselves. Many of the stories are written in a way that children can experience something different each time they listen to them.

    As children listen to the stories and their parents, caregivers and teachers model kind, caring attitudes and encourage children to express these positive attitudes in their daily lives, these attitudes and behaviors build a strong foundation for the children. How children feel about themselves from birth to aged six greatly influence how they interact in society.