• Lesson Plans FAQ's

  • How are these Lesson Plans different from other programs?

    Most programs ask children to pay attention to the social cues of others. Children are asked, “What is their face telling you?” or “What is their body language telling you?” However, many children can’t figure out these social cues. In fact many have no idea what other children are feeling or how to articulate it.

    This program focuses on the child becoming more aware of themselves first. They are asked, “What are you feeling?” They learn how to verbally express the words that match and identify their feeling experience. As they articulate their feelings it becomes easier for them to relate to what others are feeling. They begin to understand other children’s social cues and quickly begin supporting others with empathy and compassion.

    When we know ourselves, it is easier to understand others.

    How do these Lesson Plans impact a child's belief system?

    These Lesson Plans help children recognize their kind, caring attitudes. As they practice the Lesson Plan activities, they will see more and more of these qualities within themselves. These attitudes along with the development of their unique talents and abilities will help children create a positive, confident belief system. If a child is second guessing or doubting themselves, building confidence is an uphill battle.

    Whatever children are thinking, feeling, imagining and believing is mirrored back to them by others. We are all familiar with the phrase “birds of a feather flock together.” Therefore, if their beliefs are uplifting and positive they will feel wonderful, when their beliefs are mirrored back. However if their beliefs are filled with doubts and fears those mirrors will not feel comforting at all. These Lesson Plans encourages children to understand and take responsibility for their behavior.

    How can I use the Audiobook in a classroom?

    We have been advised of several ways the Audiobook with music has been used in a classroom. They include:

    The Audiobook sets a positive tone for the day as children come in from outside.

    If you notice the class getting restless, play on the Audiobook with music in the background. The calming effect will help to ground them and get them back on track.

    If you have a child that is upset, validate all their feelings. Then provide them earphones and have them listen to the Audiobook for several minutes to help them to relax.